Gjorchev: Macedonia far behind the world’s poorest countries in terms of vaccine procurement


Bangladesh has three and a half million people vaccinated and that is another dimension when it comes to vaccination. Not only Bangladesh, but also many other poorer countries in South America, Bolivia have a huge number of vaccines procured, Ecuador, Chile already has more than 20% of the population vaccinated and there is no Latin American country that has less vaccinated than Macedonia, said Vladimir Gjorchev, member of the VMRO-DPMNE EC.

Gjorchev added that four days ago one million vaccines arrived in Kenya. And 800,000 vaccines have arrived in Sudan. As many as 440,000 vaccines have arrived in Rwanda. 350,000 vaccines have arrived in Senegal, which is not an underestimation. And in Afghanistan, where Macedonia is sending troops, a month ago it received 500,000 AstraZeneca vaccines. Pakistan received 750,000 vaccines that immediately vaccinated healthcare workers.

“Macedonia and this government are the worst in the world. Macedonia is the worst in the world in two categories, the most dead and the least vaccinated. We have reached the number of 3,200 deaths today,” Gjorchev said.

“Doctor Panovski, who is quite expert and competent in all this, says that there are five times higher mortality in Macedonia than the average mortality in the world. Five times higher mortality worldwide, do you know what that means? It means that if Macedonia had an average mortality like the world, we would have had 600 deaths,” Gjorchev added.

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