Three ruling majority MPs test positive for coronavirus, Parliament lacks quorum for session


A scheduled voting session of the Parliament lacked quorum on Tuesday, after three lawmakers of the ruling majority have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi.

Fifty-nine MPs were present.

“Last Thursday we decided that today will be a day for voting on points that have been debated. Unfortunately, I must say that 59 MPs are present from the majority. Three MPs are prevented from attending the session as they have contracted the coronavirus. Two of them were issued isolation order after testing positive for COVID-19, whereas the third one, who’s showing symptoms, is awaiting test results,” Speaker Xhaferi said, adding that due to the health condition of the MPs, he cannot set today’s agenda.

Xhaferi noted that voting will take place in the coming period, on which MPs will be additionally informed.

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