The race for commissions for Zaev and Filipche is more important than the procurement of vaccines and the citizens’ health


Information came to Macedonia today from a foreign media why the country is among the last in the world in terms of procurement of vaccines against coronavirus and immunization of the population, according to which the latest scandal in Macedonian healthcare took place in December 2020, MP and member of the Executive Committee of VMRO-DPMNE Antonio Miloshoski said at Wednesday’s press conference.

“Today, unfortunately, we learn that the race for commissions was more important than the procurement of vaccines. What Zaev and Filipce tried to do with the vaccines in December 2020, instead of following a regular procedure for procurement of vaccines through state channels, is to hire a phantom company with its own company registered in Hong Kong. Therefore, our main question is what is the name of the phantom company registered in Hong Kong and how the Ministry of Health chose this company to mediate in the procurement of Chinese vaccines,” Miloshoski said.

He reminded that the Italian newspaper “La Verita” reported that the first time China refused cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Macedonian Government due to the fact that the Minister of Health requested that the procurement be through a suspicious company. Miloshoski also reminded that just a few hours earlier on Wednesday, Prime Minister Zaev said at a press conference that that private company was Power China or Sinohydro.

“But what can be seen in the register of these companies is that neither Sinohydro nor Power China are registered in Hong Kong,” Miloshoski said.


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