Sela: We will all laws in the Parliament, as long as our draft law on citizenship is blocked


The Alliance for Albanians leader Zijadin Sela said that the Alliance for Albanians and Alternativa coalition will block any law that comes to the Parliament, as long as their draft law on citizenship is blocked. Sela is aware that this form of action through blockades is not in the best interest of the citizens, but he sees it as the only tool, or the best way to respond to those who block the citizenship law.

“We were clear in the statement we made. I said that it would not be a good way because it creates anarchy that is not for the good of the citizens. In the situation we are in, we took this initiative because we assessed that such an action could not be stopped, to block every law, every proposal that will come to parliament and we had no other way to respond except with the same. So it will be. We said that we will keep any law blocked, as long as our draft law regarding citizenship is blocked,” said Sela.


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