Opposition warns PPO of abuse of office if it does not open a case against the Government Secretary General


There is no forgiveness for crime and corruption, but law and justice must apply, and today we again call on institutions, such as the State Public Prosecutor and the Chief Prosecutor of Organized Crime, to open a serious investigation into Government Secretary General Dragi Rashkovski, and the procurement of software for the Ministry of Interior, paid from the budget and is unusable, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski on Sunday.

“Information published in the public says that from the end of 2019, and the beginning of 2020, when the procedure for procurement of the system is underway, a closed session of the government was postponed several times, at which one of the issues is  Safe city” camera system of the Ministry of Interior.”

“Dragi Rashkovski, but also Zoran Zaev should answer this – what is the connection between the postponement of this closed session and the procurement of software with the same goals as the software developed by Dragi Rashkovski, and is incompatible with the MoI system, given that the procurement notice was “It was announced in November 2019, and the agreement was signed in February 2020,” Stoilkovski said.

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