Macedonia joins Alexandroupolis  for energy independence


The project in the Greek port city of Alexandroupolis, which envisages the construction of a gas terminal and a gas power plant has European significance. Gastrade, the project’s lead company, has signed an agreement to acquire 20 percent of its share capital by DESFA SA, owner and operator of Greece’s National Natural Gas Transmission System.

“This is a European project of common interest, a priority project of the European Union, which strengthens security of supply, diversifies sources and routes of energy supply, strengthens competition and supports the establishment of a natural gas trading center in the wider region of Southeast Europe, bringing “obvious benefits for all end consumers,” reports  in a its analysis on the topic.

Macedonia will invest about 140 million euros in a liquefied gas terminal and gas plant in Alexandroupolis, Greece. These are a memorandum of cooperation between NER AD Skopje and Copelouzos Group, and a memorandum of cooperation between AD ESM and Gastrade S.A. for lease of capacity in the LNG terminal, as well as a memorandum of cooperation between AD ESM and Damco Energy SA to acquire a 25% stake in Alexandroupolis Electricity Production S.A.

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