. 927 new unemployed persons in February, total number of unemployed stands at 159,608


The number of unemployed persons at the end of February according to the records of the Employment Agency is 159,608 persons, which is 927 persons more compared to January 2021. In this month, 3,185 newly employed persons and 5,440 persons who acquired the status of unemployed person were registered. Since the beginning of the crisis, according to the records, 18,266 people have lost their jobs.

Among the unemployed registered persons, most of them – 31,293 are in Skopje, 20,781 in Tetovo, 16,585 in Kumanovo, 11,765 in Gostivar, 6,742 in Bitola, 4,468 in Stip.

Most of the unemployed – 21,360 people are aged between 55 and 59, 17, 890 are aged between 50 and 54 and 16,927 are aged between 45 -49. There is also a large number of unemployed among people aged 2

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