Kalajdziev: Arrests involving the secret police provide elements of struggle with political opponents instead of justice


Detaining a person is easy, what’s difficult is bringing a final verdict within a reasonable timeframe, said Professor Gordan Kalajdziev in an interview with TV24, commenting on the detention of businessman Orce Kamchev.

“Detention is an undesirable measure and other measures and guarantees for wealthy people are used everywhere in the world. For financial crime, it is most normal for property to be secured, as arrests are subject to pressure, corruption and conspiracy theories. Orce Kamchev is a man of business. It is very important that both he and Sasho Mijalkov are protected by the presumption of innocence, even after the first instance verdict. It is easy to detain a person, but it is difficult to reach a verdict within a reasonable time,” says Kalajdziev.

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