Opposition to support Government for the fifth set of economic measures


VMRO-DPMNE  MP Timcho Mucunski in a joint statement with Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi announced that the opposition in Parliament will support the laws of the fifth set of economic measures to help citizens and companies in dealing with the coronacrisis.

However, Mucunski called on the ruling majority to initiate faster scheduling of these laws on the Parliament agenda, because they are scheduled for March 23 at the plenary session.

“We will support these laws even in the form they are. Much more needs to be set aside for companies. The untimely reaction will have far-reaching repercussions for the economy. We, as the opposition, constantly support the economy, and because these laws help the citizens, we call on the majority to submit to the agenda as soon as possible. The session is underway next week, and that inefficiency is worrying,” said Mucunski.

The opposition is currently active with the blocking of the Parliament with a bunch of amendments, and Bekteshi called on the opposition to support the other laws from the fourth set of economic measures.

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