Curfew will reduce the number of new cases, but will only delay the problem, says Panovski


Dr. Nikola Panovski believes that the curfew will reduce the number of new COVID-19 cases, but that this measure will only delay the problem.

“We will see if this measure will withstand the hospitals, I think the curfew is enough in terms of saving the economy. I do not see what will happen if the curfew is starting 5 p.m. Complete lockdown for three days will meet with great resistance from the population. There will be great resistance among the population if full quarantine is introduced, i.e. like the previous period when we had a three-day lockdown. In some countries it is clear why quarantine is used, for example in Germany where vaccination is underway. They will have vaccinated people there in two months, and the virus will not spread. We will only reduce the number of cases and we will postpone the problem, because at the moment we are far from immunization,” Panovski told TV 24.

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