Prosecutors demand overturning of the verdict for two convicted DUI officials  


Senior prosecutors Mustafa Hajrulahi and Diljaver Bekteshi sent a directive to the Skopje Court of Appeals to accept the defendants’ appeal, overturn the prison sentences and return the case for re-election results for retrial, DUI officials Ejup Aljimi and Ismet Guri, found out from sources from the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Macedonia.

This is the only case in the 18-year rule of DUI with a first instance verdict for their officials for a crime. No other court proceedings are pending, and there are no new investigations.

The precedent is that instead of taking the side of the prosecution, the Higher Prosecution seeks to accept the defendants’ appeals.

In the rescue mission for Aljimi, a former coordinator of the DUI parliamentary group and a close associate of leader Ali Ahmeti, the Skopje High Prosecutor’s Office led by Hajrulahi set a similar precedent with passports. In December last year, he sent an opinion to the Skopje Appellate Court to return the passports of the two, which the court took from them so that they would not escape. Normally, the Higher Prosecutor’s Office stands behind the request of the basic prosecutors to ensure the presence of suspects, defendants or convicts and gives an identical opinion to higher courts. But here he sided with the defendants.

However, the Skopje Appellate Court then acted contrary to the direction of Senior Prosecutor Diljaver Bekteshi and ruled that their passports should not be returned.

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