69,000 members to elect one candidate for SDSM leader – Zoran Zaev


With great fanfare, SDSM announces the first “direct, and intra-party” elections in which all actively registered members of SDSM will elect the party leader. According to the member count that ended recently, SDSM believes that almost 69,000 active members will go to the polls and will have the choice to vote for only one candidate for party leader- the current one, Zoran Zaev.

SDSM party elections will be mini parliamentary elections.

The elections will be conducted in all 80 municipal organizations of SDSM by municipal election commissions and election boards, at a total of 237 polling stations, which will be open on election day from 08:00 to 19:00. The Central Election Commission confirmed and closed the Voters’ List, in which 68,999 members registered to vote.

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