Neither the emigrants nor those who are here will be punished for boycotting the census


Let me tell you in time: I am not afraid of the enumerators, but I am afraid for them and what they are thrown into. They may not be aware, but they are adults so they know what they have hired them for and what risks they will be exposed to. Every day they change statements depending on who leaked them during the day or to whom they had to apologize, says the former director of the Statistical Office Blagica Novkovska.

“May I ask – will they punish those from the diaspora who boycott the census? There is only one law and the provisions apply to all. No, neither the emigrants nor those who are here will be punished. They will have to respect their decisions not to take part in anything that violates their human rights and violates their human dignity. Then they will have to count how many did not participate in the destruction process in order to prepare an assessment of the validity of what they call a census!,” adds Novkovska.

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