Micevski: The laws from the fifth set of economic measures are blocked by SDSM and DUI


The parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE said that their proposal to schedule a special session to review the laws on financial measures related to the coronavirus pandemic, and to participate in the session to pass the laws of the fifth set of measures was rejected.

Coordinator Nikola Micevski said at a press conference that they proposed at a special session to be separated and placed: The draft decision to amend the decision to approve the extension of the deadline for the existence of a crisis situation in part of the country; Draft-law on financial support of natural persons performing independent activity affected by the health-economic crisis, February and March 2021; The Draft-Law on Financial Support to the Employers Affected by the COVID-19 Crisis for the Payment of Wages for February and March 2021 and the Draft-Law on Amending the Law on Personal Income Tax.

As he said, they proposed it after Monday at the regular coordination it became clear that the parliamentary majority will not have 61 MPs at Tuesday’s session, in order to help the citizens and the economy because the deadlines for the laws have long expired.

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