Census is a huge risk to public health, warns opposition MP Lefkov


The census is a huge risk to public health, and the question is whether the director of the State Statistical Office Apostol Simovski can really, as he claims, guarantee the safety and observance of the protocols, which with common sense can guarantee the safety and observance of the protocols of 2,500 enumerators, assessed VMRO-DPMNE  MP Mile Lefkov on Wednesday.

In an interview with Radio Lider, the opposition MP pointed out that it was clearly visible that this wasa fully politicized and fully ordered operation.

“If you look at the reports of international organizations, they have recommendations to be delayed and to be related to the immunization process. We have no immunization, and we have stumbled to conduct a census as a pure, unfortunately, political operation, and the director of the SSO completely irresponsibly guarantees that the protocols will be respected, how can anyone guarantee that,” Lefkov said.

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