Government spokespers on puts pressure on the media


Government spokespers on Dushko Arsovski called the Kanal 5 TV editorial office and pressured them to force censorship, after failing to answer questions posed by journalists of the nationally-granted TV station.

The Kanal 5 TV journalist asked spokesperson Arsovski  which article of the law says that anyone who calls for a boycott will be held criminally accountable before the law. Arsovski did not have an answer to that question, and then forwarded all those seeking an answer to the legal authorities. After they did not receive an answer there either, the journalists tried to get an answer from Arsovski again, but he did not answer again.

Meanwhile, while Kanal 5 TV was preparing the news report at 6 pm, Arsovski called the editorial office twice in order to prevent the release of the material which shows that he does not know what to answer to the journalists. Kanal 5 TVdid not allow Arsovski to succeed in his intention and publicly announced that the first people of ZoranZaev are putting pressure and intimidating the media, regardless of whether they are pro-government or pro-opposition.

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