Government and opposition reach an agreement on anti-crisis measures


The government and the opposition have agreed to vote on anti-crisis laws. At the extraordinary coordination with the Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi, it was agreed from the session that it was disputable to remove all laws, except those that refer to the fifth set of measures.

The agenda will be confirmed today, and then the Committee on Finance and Budget will work immediately. The MPs will continue today with a Q&A session, which were abandoned by the elected officials. This practically turns the existing session into a COVID session.

“The dialogue yielded results. I ask the MPs from the government to support the proposal that we have been asking for several days, i.e. the four items on which we have an agreement should be on the agenda ,”said the parliamentary group coordinator Nikola Micevski.

Xhaferi said that the dialogue should be in the Parliament and it is good that it is so and that the procedures are a decision of the plenum.

The coordinator of the SDSM parliamentary group Jovan Mitrovski said that the job of the opposition is whether to withdraw the other items from the agenda.

“I thank the opposition that reason won and they returned to the hall to pass the laws that are important for the citizens,” said Mitrovski.


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