Zaev aims a direct blow to the citizens’ pockets with an increase in taxes


Finance Minister Fatmir Besimi, in an interview with Alsat TV, was directly asked when the municipalities can expect more money, to which he replied that the Government has a plan to increase taxes, including VAT, but also personal income tax. According to Besimi, this will start to be realized starting 2022, will continue in 2023, 2024 and depending on the percentage in 2025.

“If there is an increase in taxes, both VAT and personal income tax, which will result from the analysis, we have some estimates. The Association for Local Self-Government (ZELS) has several assessments for them, as well as for the working group formed in the government, which includes ZELS, the Ministry of Local Self-Government, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Political System and other departments, they have common points In fact, a proposal will appear which we will discuss more specifically at the level of numbers and dynamics,” Besimi said.

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