Macedonians to receive AstraZeneca shots in Serbia at the Belgrade Fair


Many foreign nationals from Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro have been flocking to Belgrade to receive COVID-19 shots at the Belgrade Fair over the weekend after signing up via the Serbian e-registration system.

Many Macedonian citizens have received confirmation via SMS that they can get vaccinated on Saturday and Sunday with AstraZeneca shots, MIA’s Belgrade correspondent reports adding that many people have been trying to contact him seeking more information on the vaccination process in Serbia and whether they need PCR test to enter the country.

“Vaccination with AstraZeneca shots is open at the Fair and the government hasn’t organized vaccination of Macedonian nationals,” the Serbian government told MIA.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is available to the citizens from the region, including North Macedonia. The shots produced by Sinopharm, Pfizer and Sputnik V this weekend will be administered only to Serbian nationals, say sources from the Belgrade Fair.

Starting this Monday, Serbians can get the AstraZeneca vaccine without scheduling an appointment.

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