Ruskovska: The raid was leaked, the main bosses on the run, only small dealers arrested


Head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for organized crime and corruption Vilma Ruskovska confirmed that police officers have arrested 21 people during a raid in Skopje in an effort to bust a drug trafficking ring.  The main bosses of the two groups have fled before they could be arrested, she added.

“We’ve were collecting evidence for a year. Special investigative measures were in force and we were monitoring phone calls and movement. Currently, 21 people are under arrest. They are being held at multiple police stations, but I’m not sure how many are on the run,” Ruskovska said.

There’s evidence, she added, that the people who were arrested were involved in illegal trafficking of opioid drugs and drug precursors.

“We didn’t want to conduct a financial investigation, for fear it will jeopardize the raid. The financial investigation is set to launch on Monday,” she said.

“We would’ve had more evidence if he caught the five top suspects who escaped. Their phones contained more evidence. But we will try to work with the electronic devices that we have,” Ruskovska added.

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