Nikoloski: There are no vaccines but there is cocaine, while President Pendarovski takes photos with drug bosses


The Government needs to resign immediately due to this fiasco of convoys of vehicles waiting at the Tabanovce border to enter neighboring Serbia and be vaccinated, demanded VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikolovski.

“What is happening today with Macedonia, and that is that half the people tried to go to neighboring Serbia, Belgrade, Nish, Vranje and other cities in order to be vaccinated, shows the complete fiasco and collapse of the Government led by Zoran Zaev. The most incompetent and criminal government in the history of Macedonia, a government that is unique in the region, not to mention on a larger scale, which failed to provide vaccines to the population to protect it from the coronavirus. A government that is facing tens of thousands of citizens rushing to a neighboring country to be vaccinated. A government that has no shame, because if it had been a shame, the whole government would have resigned today because in the time of the biggest world health crisis, it allows the people to seek help in neighboring countries. People are right when they ask themselves why they pay health insurance, why they pay taxes when the basic need, which is to give people a chance to live, the authorities cannot provide, said Nikoloski during a visit to the Municipality of Jegunovce within the field activities performed by VMRO-DPMNE.

“There is cocaine in Macedonia like never before. In May 2019, I wrote a column entitled “Cocaine in polarized Macedonia”, cocaine is available in all major and urban centers in the country, mostly in Skopje as the largest urban center. And everyone in every urban center knows who is bringing the cocaine, who is selling it. Only the authorities do not know, and we have seen that their action has been hacked, and they do not know because they are supporters of those who sell cocaine to our children. And that requires the immediate resignation of the Government and the most responsible, the Minister of Interior for allowing this action to fail, and allowing it to fail for collaborating with these criminals. We see pictures coming out these days from the highest government structures that sat with people who are, as the prosecution calls them, drug bosses, ie those who organize this,” said Nikoloski.

He also demanded responsibility from the President of Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski because a photo was published where he was photographed with one of the big drug bosses.

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