Mickoski to the government: Look at your people, look at the convoys of vehicles, this is your shame


These convoys of vehicles going to neighboring Serbia best show the misery and incompetence of the government and Zoran Zaev, says the leader of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski. For Mickoski, this is a sufficient sign that the people do not trust the authorities when they say that the vaccines in Macedonia will arrive Sunday.

The state exists to serve the citizens, only in our country does the state exist to be stolen from the government.

Macedonia is living worse years than the nineties, we have reached the point where the people manage on their own and fight for their lives, when the Government no longer does that.

Message to the government: look at your people, look at the convoys of vehicles, that is your shame.

This will not be forgotten, there will be accountability, wrote Mickoski, posting photos from the border crossing Tabanovce.

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