In which country do the Prime Minister, the Interior Minister and the President sit at the same table with criminals and drug lords?


Oliver Spasovski experienced a complete fiasco with the “Mountain” police raid, the drug lords fled, but that is why they seized as much as 100 grams of cocaine, said Orce Gjorgjievski of opposition VMRO-DPMNE at a press conference.

“We have two days of silence from Spasovski after Ruskovska’s statement that there was a mole in the Ministry of Interior and that their raid was breached. An action you can imagine was organized for months. Spasovski, ladies and gentlemen, avoids answering the questions who the mole is, and as if from an action announced with fanfare on the parliamentary rostrum, he ended up with the seizure of 100 grams of cocaine and keys from luxury vehicles of the drug lords. Photos have appeared on social networks and Internet portals over the past two days, which clearly show that exactly Spasovski and senior government officials are sitting at the same table with the drug bosses who have now escaped. Together at the same table smiling ministers, mayors and drug bosses and criminals,” says Gjorgjievski.

He asks in which country the prime minister, the interior minister and the president sit at the same table with criminals and drug lords?

“The most famous drug cartels in the world can envy them. Silence by Stevo Pendarovski. The public is also witnessing a photo of President Pendarovski with one of these drug lords, as Ruskovska herself called them. As President of the Security Council, Pendarovski is obliged to answer what connection he has and had with these people? Also from the photos can be seen the brother of Prime Minister Zaev, Vice Zaev in the company of these proven criminals,” says Gjorgjievski.


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