Macedonia to receive a specific drug for COVID-19 in two weeks


Unfortunately, there is still no therapy for this disease, except for one that will arrive in our country in a period of about two weeks, and that is the specific antibody that is intended specifically for this disease because it binds specifically to the virus,” said Health Minister Venko Filipche on Wednesday.

Answering a reporter’s question about the COVID-19 mortality in the country, the minister said that there are countries that have higher mortality, even in some countries in the region as well such as Bulgaria, Bosnia, Slovenia, etc.

“But, whenever there is a new wave and an increasing number of newly diagnosed cases, the mortality rate also increases. We are no exception, it is literally the rule everywhere. What I can responsibly say is that in consultation and coordination of all directors, all experts, infectologists, specialists in internal medicine, all patients are approached as professionally as possible, everything is given in terms of the therapeutic approach that is unified and “It is based on the principles of treatment that prevails in virtually all countries in the world,” said Filipche, answering a media question after the arrival of 20,000 Sputnik V vaccines in front of the Institute for Transfusion Medicine in Skopje.

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