Kovachki: Instead of flying by helicopters, the government should have used them for the needs of the citizens

Dragan Kovachki

I would like to criticize both the Government and the Minister of Interior who is part of the government, not specifically for the work of the police in dealing with the pandemic, because the police are operational and does what is told to do, but it is the government that adopts the measures. Obviously those measures are insufficient, and if the strongest measure at the moment is a curfew from 10pm to 05 am I think it is devastating, and it is just a defocusing measure that yields no results. It is a decision practically of incompetence, said Member of the Executive Committee of VMRO-DPMNE Dragan Kovachki.

Kovachki stressed that the government has totally failed to deal with the pandemic, adding that this is based on the fact that instead of starting vaccination, the government has repeatedly extended the date for mass vaccination, which according to him is irresponsible and unserious.

Commenting on the helicopter ride of Zaev, Filipce and Sahpaska and Zaev’s statement that the pilots have a mandated number of hours they need to spend in the air each month, and would have flown empty if it weren’t for his wish to use the helicopter for a visit to Prilep, Kovacki said they should be used for the medical emergencies of citizens.


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