Filipche: The health system is overloaded, new restrictive measures are needed


The coronavirus situation in Macedonia is alarming. The number of new cases and deceased is increasing every day.

“The health system is overloaded, so the new measures must be adopted, which will be valid starting Tuesday,” says Health Minister Venko Filipche.

Although, he added, current measures helped stabilize the situation, the number of new cases and hospitalizations is still high.

“The upcoming holidays can further complicate the epidemiological situation and we don’t want to strain the health system to the point of finding ourselves in a situation that’s hard to manage. In that regard, these additional restrictive measures aim to further calm the epidemiological situation,” Filipche said.

He added that the current virus mutation makes people sick longer, with younger patients getting worse even after the two-week mark. Moreover, patients’ health can dramatically deteriorate, which often results in death, despite treatment.

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