No legal mechanism for the state to provide cheaper services in private hospitals


Asked by the media, Health Minister Venko Filipche said that the state does not have a formal legal mechanism to order the private hospitals to reduce the prices.

He pointed out that he had already talked to the directors of three clinics, and received an answer for this from only one that they would try to reduce the price by a certain percentage.

Although I urged them to do so because it is a crisis and a pandemic, Dr. Zhan Mitrev expressed readiness and said that he will confirm Wednesday whether he will reduce prices by a certain percentage, while Sistina clearly told me that they cannot do it because they did not have the economic logic,” says Filipche.

The Minister said that first the directors of the private clinics talked about the medical staff that will be included in the rotation system and will help the colleagues who are in the internal clinics in Skopje.

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