Textile industry on the verge of collapse, government measures failed


The textile industry is on the verge of collapse, experts say. The government has not adopted structural measures that would mean saving this branch and additionally with the corona crisis the textile industry is facing its worst days. A large number of jobs hang in the balance and thus the basic existence of a large number of families.

About 6,000 textile workers in the country were furloughed last week. The business sector explained this decision, which resonated strongly in the textile cities of Stip, Prilep and Kocani, with the fact that they have neither new orders from foreign partners, nor state aid in the payment of salaries, which is stuck with the Parliament.

According to experts, this situation additionally worsens the already catastrophically bad situation in this sector. Additionally, if nothing concrete is undertaken, this would mean a huge number of laid off workers.

The representative of the textile confections in Stip in the textile cluster Kiril Nashkov said in a statement that they hope that the workers will return to work but that if this situation continues and the government is not interested in the textile industry and it will not happen in this sector and these people will lose their jobs.


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