Kostovski: Zaev paid MKD 40,000 each month to Samka’s son and MKD 38,000 to Rashkovski’s secretary


While there’s still  no vaccines against COVID-19, Zaev paid off Samka’s son and Rashkovski’s secretary each month, reacted VMRO-DPMNE MP Darko Kostovski.

“Demir Ibraimoski, son of Samka Ibraimoski, Zaev’s coalition partner and deputy director of Makedonija Pat, was also paid with taxpayers’ money, as freelancers whose names were concealed from the public eye until yesterday. While Samka lied to the Roma with increased social assistance, his son took 40,000 denars a month as a freelancer. Professor Vancho Uzunov, who was also vice president of SDSM, also received a fee of 53,000 denars from Zaev. The list of freelancers also includes the name of Ivana Mitrova, secretary of Dragi Rashkovski, who received 38,000 denars. An independent columnist, and a government freelancer at the same time, it is Petrit Saracini, who was paid 42,000 denars a month by the government. It is sold as independent and impartial. Marko Mihailoski, President of SDMM, is another freelancer whose names were not announced until yesterday. Did Mihailoski receive a state salary and work for party? Or is the party and the state the same for Zaev and his people? These are just some of the so-called experts and independent freelancers, who are paid with our money,” said Kostovski.

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