The Government did not submit the required documents to the SCPC regarding the procurement of COVID-19 vaccines


State Commission for Prevention of Corruption of the Republic of Macedonia asked the Government to provide documentation to indicate whether it has made agreements with any company for procurement of coronavirus vaccines, but from the initial documents they received, they did not receive what they requested, said Goran Trpenoski on Telma TV’s “Top Tema” , referring to the scandal over the procurement of Chinese vaccines.

“We asked the Government to provide us with the minutes of the closed session, then we asked who gave them the contacts to get in touch with the Stabri company from Hong Kong, if a bank guarantee was issued and we asked if there were any agreements with Sinopharm or any other vaccine company. From the initial documents we received, he did not submit what we requested. That is why we addressed them once again and I hope that within the next week they should respond to our additional requests,” said Trpenoski.

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