Mickoski: How many voter lists with dual personal ID numbers did Spasovski sign?


The “Mafia” scandal has a second part, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski told a press briefing on Thursday.

Mickoski explained how the double personal ID numbers were used for voting.

“We found Sedat Peker’s brother, i.e. Xhadin Ademovski. His brother is Xheladin Ademovski, who, like Xhadin, has two personal ID numbers. He is voting in the school “Imri Elezi” in Chair, i.e. “Diturija” in Saraj,” said Mickoski.

Mickoski also referred to Spasovski’s interview, who said yesterday that double personal ID numbers were issued since 1981 and that the Ministry of Interior is working on clearing them.

“Oliver Spasovski has been Minister of Interior for six years now. At the same time, the voter list and persons with dual personal ID numbers were cleared before the 2016 elections, when Spasovski was again Minister of Interior. And if then the opposition and the government SDSM-VMRO-DPMNE stated that the voter list has been cleared, ie the dual ID numbers have been deleted, then how come today there is a suspicion of about 20,000 dual personal ID numbers and how the director of the registry office, which is under Justice, lacks 100,000 blank forms. All this raises suspicion that something has been happening in the past 4 years,” said Mickoski.


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