Vukotic under the name of Gjorgji Andonov bought a company in 2020 in Bulgaria from a close friend of the Zaev family, part of the DEA’s raid


It is not a question whether this government will fall, but Zaev should think about what will happen next after the fall of this government, says Mickoski revealing another affair in relation to the issuance of Macedonian personal documents to criminals, involving the leader of the Skaljarski gang Jovan Vukotic, ie Gjorgji Andonov.

“Vukotic, ie Gjorgji Andonov in 2020 bought a company in Bulgaria from a Bulgarian citizen, resident of Strumica, with surname Jotov, involved in the affair of 200 kg of marijuana, close to the Zaev family and driver of Trajce Zaev, revealed Mickoski, but did not present the documents. The fact that these people, referring to Spasovski and Zaev and their close associates, are not accused of criminal association, despite the revelation of these affairs,” Mickoski stressed that it is clear evidence that the institutions are afraid of the people in the top leadership.

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