Taravari: The masks are down, Xhaferi and the parliamentary majority block the fifth set of measures


The masks in the Parliament have fallen off this evening, said Gostivar Mayor and AA MP Arben Taravari over Thursday’s Parliament session. According to Taravari, Talat Xhaferi, in coordination with the parliamentary majority, is creating drama and obstructed the voting on the fifth set of economic measures.

“The whole opposition was in the Parliament and we asked to put on the agenda the laws for which they accused us, although we withdrew the amendments and voted in a committee. While MP Ilire Dauti proposed a vote on the economic measures, DUI MPs knocked on the tables against the citizens. After all the noise and chaos they created themselves, the Parliament Speaker created several tragic-comic dramas and interrupted the session. Talat Xhaferi also announced a quarantine of the Parliament, which will comically leave the citizens and companies without, even so small, economic support. The majority and the government should come out and at least be honest, admit that they have no money or will to help the citizens and the economy and go home, instead of trying to insult the intelligence of our fellow citizens,” Taravari said.

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