A minister’s husband was paid a million denarsthe City of Skopje to detect diseased plants


With so many unresolved problems in the City of Skopje, where the citizens are screaming because of Shilegov’s laziness and incompetence, he has  procured a drone footage and detection of vegetation diseases, VMRO-DPMNE  spokesperson DimcheArsovskisaid at a press conference.

“With all the unresolved problems in the City of Skopje, after four years of the lazy Shilegov rule, where they cannot find out which candelabra works and which is broken, they are now into discovering plant diseases. The most interesting thing is that the man who should find out this year whether the plants in Skopje are dseased or not, is exactly the husband of Mila Carovska from the ranks of SDSM, with his company Fly Cam. This operation to detect plant diseases will cost the citizens about one million denars. The madness went so far that most of the technical specification is exactly how it was hit for the drone of Mila Carovska’s husband, which once again shows that it is more than clear that everything may have been agreed in advance. Is that so? That should be investigated by the law enforcement authorities,” said Arsovski.

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