Private physicians: Filipche wants us to work at COVID centers, and left us without employment, insurance and without paid shifts


Private physicians demand that Health Minister Venko Filipche immediately insure them with healthcare, increase their salary, pay their shifts and provide funds for 250 jobs.

They react that although deeply involved in the third wave of the pandemic, Filipche did not fulfill any of the promises.

“Three months have passed since the Minister publicly promised to all media and public media that the problem with the healthcare insurance of private specialists has been solved. We would like to inform the public that this issue has not been acted upon yet. Our salary is 26,000 denars from 2018, which is currently 2,500 denars below the average salary in Macedonia. So far, no increase in personal income, which on several occasions has included medical staff working in the health sector, has not included us,” said the doctors.



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