Serbian Torlak Institute – strategic partner of Macedonia for procurement of vaccines against COVID-19


Ministers of Health of N. Macedonia and Serbia Venko Filipche and Zlatibor Loncar today in Belgrade agreed that the Institute for Virology, Vaccines and Serums “Torlak” based in Belgrade will be the country’s strategic partner for procurement of vaccines against COVID-19.

“It is very likely that this pandemic will not stop. It is very likely that this vaccine will become seasonal and having all this experience and the problems we have had with the procurement of vaccines so far, in this way we can overcome such problems,” Filipce said at a joint press conference.

Asked whether the fact that today a strategic partnership has been made with Torlak for procurement of vaccines, means that vaccines from other manufacturers will no longer be procured, Filipceh said that ‘it means that Torlak will be the first place where we will turn to vaccines in the future, but it all depends on the production capacity’.

“At the moment we have enough vaccines from several manufacturers, which are enough for the needs to vaccinate a certain percentage of the population this year for collective immunity. For each next step or procurement, the first place where we will address according to the capacities will be the Torlak Institute”, said Filipche.



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