E-textbooks are harmful to children’s health and far from reform


Association on high school students “Srednoshkolski glas” (High School Voice) explains why it thinks the decision on e-textbooks is bad in a press release.

The statement states that Education Minister Mila Carovska stated that if the students did not have the opportunity for such classes, they would have to photocopy the textbooks, but that is financially impossible for some families.

“A family with two children for the beginning of such a school year will have to set aside an entire average salary. New education reforms are needed, yes, but this is far from a reform. Protests are our only solution if the minister continues with stubbornness and one-mindedness, but we hope that the minister will wake up. We do not plan any protests during this period due to the holidays and the large number of infected people, but we will see for the period after that, reads their statement.

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