“Speak professionally so they won’t  understand you, prosecutors are stupid”, a message to the suspect from the former Government Secretary


The Criminal Council in the Basic Criminal Court accepted the appeal of the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption in the investigation for procurement of software for traffic offenses that no one uses and sent DragiRashkovski, former Secretary General of the SDSM Government, from house arrest to prison.

“We have never argued so meticulously and so extensively that the first suspect is wealthy, can run away and live peacefully on the run, and that he can influence witnesses in the proceedings against him. The same applies to the second suspect,” said Prosecutor VilmaRuskovska.

Court-prosecutor sources say that the fourth suspect in the investigation failed to format his phone before it was confiscated and a message was found that Rashkovski wrote to him: “Listen, talk professionally, these prosecutors are stupid, they will not understand anything.”

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