Xhaferi and Karadzovski‘s show in Parliament is an anemic attempt to defocus the public from the criminal affairs of the government


The show, which is being produced in Parliament, in the temple of democracy, is an indicator of a fragile parliamentary majority and an unsuccessful attempt to defocus from the many criminal affairs, complete failure to manage the pandemic and panic from the political power of the united Albanian opposition, said the health commission of the opposition coalition Alliance for Albanians and Alternativa.

“The participation of the MPs that tested positive for COVID-19 at the Parliament session was another scandal caused by the relationship between the Parliament Speaker and the Chairman of the Committee on Infectious Diseases, TalatXhaferi and Dr. ZarkoKaradzovski. This mess made by this tandem testifies to chaotic management and dangerous to public health,” the coalition stressed.

The AA/A coalition reminded that Xhaferi said on a TV show that at his request, the Committee on Infectious Diseases compiled a special protocol for the presence of the infected MPs in Parliament, signed by the chairman of this committee, Dr. Karadzovski.

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