Dimitrievski: I’m disappointed with the democratic capacity of the SDSM leadership in Kumanovo


“I am deeply disappointed in the democratic capacity of the leadership of my party in Kumanovo, what happened yesterday is uncharacteristic of SDSM,” said Kumanovo Mayor Maksim Dimitrievski in a statement for Lokalno.mk regarding his elimination from the candidacy for a new member of The central board of the party.

“I absolutely understand the dissatisfaction of the delegates and members and together with them I will use all legal capacities within the party statute to correct this injustice because the party belongs to all members and it is an association of citizens who have come together to achieve common goals. In no case is the party a joint stock company belonging to individuals or a group close to them on different grounds, using public functions to put pressure on ordinary members in the area of ​​decision-making,” said the mayor of Kumanovo.

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