Filipche: No curfew on Easter and Ramadan


The Commission for Infectious Diseases and the Coronavirus Crisis Headquarters has recommended the curfew be temporarily lifted on Easter and Ramadan (May 1-2 and May 12-13, respectively), allowing citizens to travel freely on those evenings, Health Minister Venko Filipche said on Monday.

No curfew is to be imposed for the coming religious holidays Easter (May 1-2) and Ramadan (May 12-13) but regardless, citizens will have to observe the measures in place – mask wearing and distancing, said Filipche.

The Crisis HQ took this decision early today, along with the ones to cut the curfew period by an hour (9 pm to 5 am) and to open the outdoor areas of bars and restaurants. Minister Filipche said bars and restaurants would be open until 9 pm during the religious holidays. On gatherings during the holidays, he said religious leaders have committed themselves to holding open-air services.

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