SDSM persistent in condemning the defenders of the Constitution


VMRO-DPMNE returns to the crime scene, led by HristijanMickoski again protests in defense of violence, says the party statement of the ruling SDSM, which advocated for a review of those convicted of the terrorist attack in KumanovoDivoNaselje when eight members were killed of the Macedonian security forces, as well as those convicted for the brutal murder of the five young men at Smilkovo Lake.

“The same old VMRO-DPMNE, the same old remnants of the dark past took to the streets today, celebrating the violence and the regime with the same inciting rhetoric, the same violent choreography from four years ago and violating the protocols for protection against COVID-19. HristijanMickoski, JankoBachev, DimitarApasiev, Nikola Gruevski’s installations today stood behind the violence, behind the convicts who stormed the Parliament on the 27th to prevent the transition of power and to trample on the will of the people. Today, Mickoski, who himself was part of the crowd in front of the Parliament on ‘Bloody Thursday’, stood right behind these convicted thugs, stood in defense of crime and violence,” said the ruling party.

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