Someone in power made good money from the passports issued to the mobsters


What Venko Filipche and Zoran Zaev are doing is genocide against their own people, says VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimche Arsovski.

Regarding the “Mafia” affair with the illegal passports of world mobsters, Arsovski stressed that it is nothing more than a way of business, to earn serious money by issuing illegal passports, because each country has its own mafia, but only in Macedonia the mafia has its own state, and the head of the mafia is Zoran Zaev.

“Someone in power has made good money, but there will come a time when there will be an investigation and it will be shown who is the head of that crime. None of those international mobsters can just come to Macedonia and ask for a passport, or someone from the Ministry of Interior. For such an operation to take place, there must be mutual trust between the leaders who were supposed to approve the passports and between the mafias. The investigation should determine who approved and who organized the whole thing. Those people are sitting in managerial positions in the government ,” said Arsovski.

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