Maternity leave to last 12 months


With the new amendments to the Law on Labor Relations, the father will have the opportunity to be included in the maternity leave from work. Regarding some of the amendments to this law on Alsat, Minister of Labor and Social Policy Jagoda Shahpaska explained that with the new changes, maternity leave would be about 12 months, of which 5 months are provided as mandatory maternity leave. The rest can be combined with the father.

“We start from the standards established by the International Labor Organization and here three categories are recognized: maternity leave, paternity and parenthood. It would be a flexible period of parenthood, so that one parent can relinquish part of the right to that parental leave to the other parent – we will look to find the balance because the woman’s long absence from the labor market puts her in a subordinate position,” said Minister Shahpaska.

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