Necessary to distinguish between political and historical criteria for EU accession, says Pendarovski


After the blockade from Bulgaria, we’ll renew the proposal to include several outside experts in the joint commission of historians, but also to distinguish between historical and political criteria for EU accession, President StevoPendarovski told Kanal 5 TV.

Pendarovski added that this would be a proposal on how to further approach talks, to distinguish between history and politics in Sofia’s demands, i.e. to clarify whether our country fails to meet the requirements for starting accession negotiations due to historical or political reasons.

“If you want to talk about the rule of law, then let’s talk about the rule of law, media freedom, professional administration, fight against corruption… we’re here to discuss this. These are the criteria to join the EU. If you want to talk about history – that’s fine, we have a joint commission of historians, let them do their work there. However, that cannot be a condition to join a political organization established in 1957,” said Pendarovski.

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