Neloski: Shilegov bought a more expensive fire truck for 900,000 euros with the money of Skopje residents


Vladimir Neloski, head of the City Committee of VMRO-DPMNE accused Skopje Mayor Petre Shilegov of procuring a fire truck with a ladder at the price of two such vehicles. He says that the supplier of the vehicle is a company from Budapest under the name “Horoscope”. That company is capitally connected and “Armor Plus”, through its co-owner from Croatia where the son-in-law of the secretary of the City of Skopje, Shilegov’s right hand, is also a co-owner, claims Neloski.

“Isn’t this a conflict of interest? The abuse alarm is set to the loudest, and the Public Prosecutor does not react. The lazy city mayor Shilegov bought the fire truck with a ladder for 1,723,621 euros. And while the city of Zagreb bought an identical such vehicle, from the same manufacturer at a price of 794,052 euros plus VAT, i.e. almost twice the value of the Croatian ladder, we Skopje residents paid. That is about 900,000 euros more, respected. Where and in whose pocket did this money end up?,” says Neloski.

The price of the vehicle purchased by Shilegov, according to Neloski, is almost double the price that the City of Zagreb paid for the exact same vehicle.

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