Várhelyi: We are working hard, but we are not yet up to the desired goal for an agreement between Sofia and Skopje


We still need to work hard, we are not there, and we have to have all the member states around the table agreed. We will have to find a solution on the case of Macedonia, European Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Olivér Várhelyi said Tuesday when asked by a journalist whether it is possible North Macedonia to open accession negotiations in June and whether there is a possibility of decoupling of Macedonia and Albania.

In regard whether it is feasible or possible the decoupling of Skopje and Tirana, Várhelyi said that this process is based on merit.

“This process is based on merit. And if I look at the achievements of Albania, I see they have complied all the conditions and so if there is no agreement in relation to North Macedonia, the moment might come when we will have to consider this option. We have very important discussion today with PM Zoran Zaev and we agreed that we have to make headway,” Várhelyi said.

Elaborating his former statement, he underlined that it is difficult not to talk about a drama after a veto, veto itself is a drama. We are working on now is to put life back to normal.

“Normal meaning, getting agreement so that we can have the first intergovernmental conference between Bulgaria and North Macedonia and this is what we are working on,” Várhelyi stressed.

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