Vasilevska: The April 27 case will get to Strasbourg one day


The April 27 case will get to Strasbourg one day and from there will come the slap in the face for the Macedonian state and judiciary, because there are no indications that this could be a serious act that the Prosecution will process, and will bring it to court solution, said Professor Ivanka Vasilevska, member of the VMRO-DPMNE EC and Member of Parliament.

“This is about different groups of people, and the process was completely manipulated in that one hour during the protest in front of the Parliament, and there were protests during the Colorful Revolution, I understand the revolt, the act of entering the Parliament is something different from organized action, but Ruskovska did not question Article 314 for destruction of buildings of greater importance for which a sentence of four years in prison is provided,” said Vasilevska.

Vasilevska says there should be a retrial in this case.

“If this was a terrorist threat to the constitutional order, then it was the election of the Parliament Speaker with mobile phones for which we still do not have a record, is it not a constitutional threat, said Vasilevska.

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