Nikoloski: Zaev promised that if the name was changed, Macedonia would join the EU and NATO, we see that this was not the case


VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski discussed current political situation in the country, bad government policies, as well as criminal affairs that the government creates on a daily basis during a TV interview with Kanal 5.

Nikoloski stressed that in international politics there are some opportunities, which if not used, they do not go back. According to him, Zoran Zaev played moves that do not look like a serious state, ie it is capitulating.

According to Nikoloski, Zaev’s promises were that if the constitutional name is changed and a number of other things, Macedonia will join the EU and NATO, but now we see that it was not so.

“VMRO-DPMNE warned several times that things are not as simple as Zoran Zaev thinks, even though he thought the date was already in his pocket and took a picture on the plane with several other associates. That empty phrase for the date lasted from 2019, and even earlier than that, and now we are already 2021. Zoran Zaev had four chances to start negotiations and continue Macedonia’s path to the EU, but instead the country just stagnates and is far from the EU than ever before,” concluded Nikoloski.

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