Filipche says everyone who have applied will get a vaccination slot by May 15


Health Minister Venko Filipche expects that herd immunity will be reached in the country until the end of the summer, considering the vaccine quantities expected to be delivered.

Minister Filipche told Radio Free Europe all vaccines are safe and there is no need for preference.

“Following the delivery of this significant quantity and 100,000 more by May 15, again from ‘Sinopharm’, along with the 500,000 ‘Sinovac’ doses by the end of May, we have decided to give priority to those who have applied for inoculation by April 30. About 160,000 citizens will get a vaccination slot by May 15,” says Filipche.

He says all vaccines are efficient and the fact that the World Health Organization and the European Medicines Agency are evaluating vaccines by manufacturers that have not been approved until now “points to the fact that all vaccines are efficient”.

‘There is no country, or maybe only a few that produce vaccines, which uses only one vaccine. We were told during our discussions with EU Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi that one of the travel criteria will be the certificate on vaccines approved by the EMA and WHO, with the procedure for literally all vaccines underway,” says Filipche.

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